Ion Glass Consultancy Service

Our Service

Working with Ion Glass industry experts to provide experienced, professional support and advice throughout your design, planning and specification process.

You will benefit from our in-depth knowledge to manage design options, structural considerations and the correct choice of glass to meet your requirements.

Our consultancy service will ensure you achieve the optimum result for your project.

Full design service

If you have the idea but no idea where to start, we can offer a full structural glass design service.  Progress from ‘back of an envelope’ to full design and specification.

We are not architects, we don’t design buildings.  But if it’s possible to realise your concept in structural glass we can produce the necessary drawings and specifications to progress your project.

Or design support

We can work with you to re-design, re-assess and re-calibrate an existing concept to help explore all the variables. This can be especially useful when presenting a concept to a committee, evaluating all alternatives to streamline the process and achieve the best outcome.

CAD Drawing

Our experienced technicians will prepare drawings to meet your requirements whether you need:

  • Visualisation drawings to establish concept
  • Technical, specific detail drawings to supplement existing designs to facilitate the glass manufacture and installation
  • Full design drawings taking your concept to the stage of accurate specification and manufacture

Glass Specification

Our glass specification service ensures your glass is

  • Fully functional
  • Fully compliant
  • In accordance with design and style criteria

And most importantly, meets all structural considerations including

  • Heat loss requirements
  • Fire-rating
  • Security
  • Wind loads and weather resistance
  • Snow, water or other structural loading
  • Appropriate fixings and fittings
  • Health and safety
  • Building regulations
  • Installation logistics

Attendance at Meetings

Our expertise is invaluable at meetings that involve

  • Planning or conservation
  • Design and structure
  • Presentations

Insurance and Disputes 

We will assess damaged or failed glass and provide an appropriate independent report to assist in negotiations with suppliers or insurers.

Estimates will be provided based on the hourly rate of the consultant(s) involved.

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