Maintaining glass installations

Maintain your Ion Glass installation

Look after your new Ion Glass structural glass installation and it will continue to look beautiful for many years to come! 

Regular cleaning of your glass with an appropriate product will maintain its clarity but it’s important that regular checks should be carried out on any moving parts, hinges or fixings to ensure they are functioning correctly.

 Glass doors, glass showers and glass cubicles in particular will benefit from regular maintenance to ensure their longevity and continuing functionality. 

We would recommend that all glass installations should be checked and serviced on a regular basis to ensure that no damage has been sustained that could impact on health and safety requirements – especially in areas of high traffic and public access.

Take to make it easier we now offer a full Maintenance Contract which includes:

  • An annual or biennial  inspection of your glass installation in accordance with your requirements/ usage
  • A full inspection to note any damage to your glass
  • Checking and adjusting  door hinges, locks, fixed panel brackets, fixed panel support legs, door handles
  • Checking and adjusting  floor spring closing speeds
  • Lubrication of all hinges to ensure continuing smooth opening and closing of doors
  • Detailed assessment of the gaskets and screws to hinges and fixed brackets and replacement as necessary.
  • Checking door edge seals or profiles and replacing as necessary
  • Check and asses all hardware and fixings,  including handles, hydraulic operating systems, pivot hinges and floor springs, cover plates and locks.
  •  Providing a full written report of all work carried out and any additional work recommended

All Ion Glass work is fully bespoke, so naturally each Maintenance Contract is bespoke too.   We will provide a detailed quotation and a full breakdown of prices for replacing the individual elements of your installation to ensure there are no hidden surprises.

Interested in maintain your new glass installation to the highest possible standard?  Call us on 0345 658 9988, email or  click on the enquiry form on our website.  

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