How to fix structural glass beams to glass fins

The brief was to create a frameless all-glass structure to provide a statement greenhouse in a high-end residential property. 

The challenge was to ensure the result was structurally perfect, fully compliant and met the design criteria of an all glass structure with minimal framework.

The greenhouse was built with structural glass beams interlocking with vertical glass fins.    A traditional carpentry technique was replicated in glass, providing the same level of structural integrity as its wooden counterpart.  Each triple laminate glass beam was manufactured with a deep rebate  on the middle laminate layer which interlocks with a tenon created by the middle layer of the structural glass fins, creating a perfect mortise and tenon joint.

The inner end of each beam slotted into a bespoke semi-circular metal frame – which, apart from the door frame, was the only visible metalwork on the entire project. Each slot was slightly angled to accommodate the pitch on the roof.   Each glass beam had to be individually manufactured to precise dimensions to ensure a perfect fit.

Glass roof panels manufactured in 13.5mm toughened laminate glass were fitted over the structural glass beams to create a seamless and weatherproof finish.

The joints were sealed with silicone to ensure their integrity and full weatherproofing.

The result is an impressive glass structure that meets all the criteria and provides an impressive focal point to garden. 

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