Sprung hinges create a truly space-efficient glass bath screen

For maximum use of space in a small bathroom, an over-bath shower is the obvious solution but without an efficient bathscreen use of the shower can be problematic.  

A fixed screen can limit access to the bath, which can be critical in a smaller space; folding screens often lack integrity and don’t create a seal between the panels.  

Ion Glass have created a brand new, innovative design,  fully-frameless bi-fold glass bath screen, using gently sprung, self-centering hinges, both against the wall and between the panels.  The springs assist with the correct opening of the bath screen which, when fully opened, creates a stylish metre long screen along the side of the bath which is fully functional during use.  

When not in use, the screen folds neatly back, completely flush to the wall, with the robust hinging system ensuring it stays in place.

The greatly improved usability of Ion’s new frameless glass bath screen hinges on the way it opens and creates a seal when in use and folds back unobtrusively at all other times.

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