Manor House, Wispers Park


Wispers Park Retirement Village, a luxury retirement village in Haselmere Surrey.  Ion Glass working for Nicolas James Group to install frameless glass doors to Oak Hall, a Grade II listed mansion house which serves as a reception and meeting area at the heart of the village.


Arched frameless glass doors in clear toughened 10mm float safety glass hung on hydraulic hinges. Applied glass manifestation for optimum visibility


Previously the reception area was accessed by two heavy sets of timber doors, creating an impressive but somewhat gloomy entrance.  Ion Glass were commissioned  to replace the inner doors with a set of  bespoke frameless glass doors, creating a welcoming view of the reception of the area for visitors and a view of the garden for people within the building, as well as providing more natural light to the entrance hall.  The new bespoke glass doors are self-closing to retain heat and avoid draughts.

As a listed building the result had to meet heritage requirements.

Technical Information

A pair of bespoke frameless glass doors were manufactured in clear toughened 10mm float thick float glass following accurate templating to ensure a perfect fit within the original timber lined arched entrance.

The double glass doors are side hung off hydraulic self-closing hinges to ensure there is no impact on the floor, which is wood panelled on one side of the opening and features old stone tiles on the other.   The hinges selected provided all the functionality of an in-floor closing mechanism, including stop and hold mechanisms at 0o and 90o but without the need for an intrusive floor installation.

Ergonomically designed door handles have a flat push plate to open with a curve inside to make them feel comfortable in use.

A manifestation was applied to the glass in the form of two simple horizontal rows of dots.


This is a Grade II listed building so it was essential that the new frameless glass doors should have minimal impact on the structure of the building.   The original timber doors remain in place, but are now permanently fixed open to allow additional light to flow into the reception area and maintain views in both directions whilst still retaining heat and comfort within the building.  As a contemporary addition to a heritage building these bespoke glass doors have created a significant improvement to the entrance area. 

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