The Leys School, Cambridge


The Leys School, Cambridge an independent school in the heart of Cambridge


External arched glass doors set into an glass screen and internal  frameless double glass doors


The Leys School is an independent co-educational boarding and day school in the heart of Cambridge.  A Methodist school founded in 1875, the Leys has a beautiful chapel where the school gathers for regular weekday and Sunday services.  

A pair of fully weatherproof, external frameless glass doors now provide a  welcoming entrance to the chapel, providing visitors with a view of the nave whilst at the same time retaining heat and allowing light into the interior. 

In addition a pair of bespoke glass doors completes an internal lobby area at the entrance of the chapel, replacing the original carved wooden doors.

Technical Information:

Fully secure and weatherproof, the external glass doors were designed to fit into the original French oak framework and comprise of pair of bespoke  arched doors with an overhead transom panel and two sidelights.  

The glass ensemble was designed to ensure a functional interface where the overhead transom meets the side panels on either side of the arch.  A manifestation applied to the glass doors in the form of the Leys school crest ensures the new bespoke doors reflect the traditional style and architecture of the building.

The internal glass doors replaced an existing pair of timber doors which were relocated within the lobby of the chapel.   A glass manifestation in the form of a Methodist church clam shell symbol was applied to the inner doors.

Ion installed brass floor plates to cover the holes in the stone floor and timber framing around the relocated oak doors that exactly matched the original wood.


The new glass doors and improved lobby area have created an impressive and contemporary entrance to the chapel that meets all criteria for style and functionality.

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