St Paul’s 13th Century church


St Paul’s Without the Walls, a 13th Century church in Canterbury, in conjunction with B.W.May & Son


Two sets of bespoke frameless glass doors and arched glass over panels


St Paul’s Without the Walls dates back to the 13th century and has seen many changes and developments since the original single aisled building built just outside the city walls in Canterbury (hence the name, ‘without’ meaning ‘outside’).  The church has been enlarged and extended a number of times, with many ancient burials in vaults under the floor.

Recently a significant reordering of the building was commissioned to bring the building more in line with current needs, welcoming people to use the church for concerts and conferences as well as traditional worship.  The fixed pews were replaced with modern seating, a screen was installed over the chancel and lighting and heating were updated, creating a more welcoming, flexible and contemporary space.

Two sets of bespoke frameless glass doors and glass overpanels were installed to create a secure lobby area within the tower at the entrance to the church, making it possible to leave the main door unlocked and allow visitors to enjoy a view of the interior at all times.  

Technical Information:

Each of the tower arches was fitted with a bespoke frameless glass door manufactured from security glass and fitted with bespoke handles and push plates.

Detailed measurements and precise templating ensured the glass overpanels were  manufactured to accurately fit the Gothic arches of the tower.   Discreet stainless steel fixings were used to ensure minimal impact on the stone arches, both visually and to the original structure of the tower.


The finished result provides a welcoming but fully secure entrance to the church offering visitors an open view to the interior of this historic building.  The bespoke glass doors add a contemporary touch without obscuring or detracting from the original architecture. 

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