Secure glass doors

Glass doors can provide full security whilst retaining visual access, ideal in entrance and reception areas

  • Connect to the alarm system of your choice, including timed systems, key pad systems and voice entry systems
  • Magnetic door locks (maglocks) can be installed as part of a remotely controlled security system.
  • We can install hydraulic closers concealed in traditional floor boxes or as overhead transom closers – with innovative, functional and minimal options available
  • Manual, semi-automatic or automatic door closing and opening systems
  • Fully frameless or partially framed glass doors
  • Secure glass doors can be manufactured to fit precisely into arches, sloped ceilings or unusual spaces or used within a glass screen or glass partition
  • Double or single secure glass doors
  • Sandblasted glass offers full or partial obscurity, or can be used to create a pattern or logo
  • Fully secure systems can be fitted to hinged, pivot, sliding glass doors
  • Choose clear float glass, low iron glass, coloured glass or decorative glass finishes, including screen printed glass or an bespoke applied glass manifestation

Case Studies

A full height glass screen, glass window panel and glass balustrade were installed to create a new soundproof bell-ringing chamber

Automatic frameless sliding glass doors and impressive glass fire doors installed at the Fusiliers Museum, Tower of London

Frameless glass balconies, bespoke glass doors and a structural glass linkway installed in to a country estate in Sussex

Point fixed frameless glass balustrade fitted to the stairs and mezzanine area of the Rathfinny wine estate and glass entrance with glass doors and partitions

Structural glass entrance installation including glass screen and double doors in toughened safety glass, creating a weatherproof lobby to frameless glass doors

Arched frameless glass doors in toughened safety glass hung on hydraulic hinges with designs on the doors for optimum visibility

A full height glass screen across the nave of the church minimised heat loss without obscuring the ancient architecture

Internal arched double glass and two pairs of secure double glass doors set into glass screens within stone arches installed in Lancing College in West Sussex

Additional space was created with a mezzanine floor finished with frameless glass balustrades as part of an extensive church refurbishment project

Two sets of bespoke frameless glass doors and arched glass over panels in a 13th Century church in Canterbury