The Devereux Tower

Project: The Devereux Tower, Ion Glass and CWO Ltd.

Products: Single Glazed Structural Rooflights


Ion Glass were commissioned to supply and install a set of circular glass roof lights in The Devereux Tower at HM Tower of London.

Technical Information:

Ion surveyed and templated for the circular glass roof lights to achieve the exact size and shape required. The glass roof lights were specified to create walk-on panels that are flush with the existing concrete pavement. Set into a tailor made stainless steel roof light frame, the 25.5mm toughened laminated glass is fitted with resin to create sturdy robust structural glass flooring. Each roof light measures approximately 590mm diameter. Ion also applied a pro-grip sandblasted finish to ensure the roof lights are safe during the wet weather and a backpainted border to obscure the frame below and provide a frameless roof light finish.


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