Frameless Glass Bath Screens FAQ

Do we need a site survey?

Everybath screenis different with individual measurements. Sometimes even the simplest design - one that looks great on paper - will need tweaking when we see the location, that's why Ion’sestimated pricesare 'subject tosurvey'.

What happens at a site survey?

Ion will check the relevant walls and fittings and whether the design will work effectively. We take detailed measurements and advise you of any adjustments that might be necessary for technical reasons.

Do we need to send a representative to site survey?

Ion needs someone there with the authority to agree and sign for any changes to the original design – whether it’s the builder, designer, architect or client. If we need to return to the site because there was no one on hand to finalise the initialsurveywe will have to make a secondsurveycharge.

Do we need to worry about the standard of the walls?

Absolutely! It is imperative that the glassbath screenis fixed to a solid wall. If the walls can't take the weight of the glass Ion will have to come back to reinstall when the walls have been improved, and that will incur a secondinstallationcharge.

Any other wall worries?

Watch those pipes and cables! Ion’ssurveyorscannot see into walls and it is your responsibility to ensure that there is nothing live behind the points where we will be fixing the screen. We use detectors to pinpoint live cables but water pipes are much harder to establish. Abortedinstallationsdue to burst water pipes will be charged!

Can the screen be fitted to glass wall cladding?

Yes. Ion framelessbath screensare fully compatible with ourglass wall cladding. The glass wall cladding provides a perfectly smooth surface for the glass bath screenfitting.

Can we use bathroom tiles?

We wouldn't restrict your choice but you will need to remember that cushion tiles won't provide a flat surface for our glass to fit against. If your client chooses tiles with an uneven surface there will naturally be variation in the thickness of the silicone bond. Vitreous tiles, granite slabs and similar are attractive but very hard wall coverings are not easy to drill, can sustain damage during the fitting process (both to the surface and our equipment) and can incur a surcharge.

Does it matter if the bathroom isn't finished when you survey?

Yes and no! It doesn't matter if the bathroom isn't finished but it matters a lot if the fixtures and fittings relating to thescreen aren’t complete. To make them water-tight our screens have to fit exactly - so Ion can't guess any measurements at all. The bath must be in place.

Are there any exceptions to this?

Just one! If you have nominated a concealed wall channel Ion can survey as soon as the bath and channel are in place. In this case we will deliver the channel to site for fixing; this part of theinstallationcan be done by ourselves or the bathroom installer to our requirements.

Any hints or suggestions with regard to designs?

Try not to make it too complicated. Ion can cater for almost any requirement, but the more complex thebath screen, the more difficult and costly it is to fabricate and fit. Remember, a wall hung door is always less expensive than a glass hung door.

How long do we have to wait for an ION Bath Screen?

Ion quote 4-6 weeks fromsurveytoinstallation, except for single fixed panels which can take as little as 2 weeks – dependent on work schedules. If changes are made to designs following the survey then production won't start until we have written agreement.

Can you cope with curves?

Of course - but there are a few things to bear in mind, bespoke curves are top of the range products and as ever top of the range means expensive and you’ll need to be prepared for a lead time of about 9-10 weeks.

How do I clean Ion frameless bath screens?

All Ion bespoke bath screens are supplied complete with our PermaCleanglass treatment keeping glass crystal clear. We advise clients to use a soft cloth to wipe away occasional watermarks.

Can I speak to someone for more advice?

Of course! OurTechnical Teamare always on hand to answer your questions.

What sort of cost is a screen – do you have a minimum charge?

All our products are wholly bespoke, manufactured and installed to your individual requirements so costs are very situation specific, however you should allow at least £700 per screen. Please note, Ion will not normally supply single bath screens.