Glass Manifestations


Glass manifestations are a legal requirement on many structural glass installations

The requirement for glass manifestations is simply to avoid people walking into new glazing installations and there are clearly defined ‘critical locations’ that need to meet Building Regulation specifications.  Glass manifestations adhere to the glass and are fixed into the correct position once your glass installation is in place.

  • Our technicians will advise on the exact height, size and positioning of any glass manifestation required for your installation
  • Glass manifestations can be made in many designs – whilst many buildings simply use a line of dots (or similar) it is possible for your glass manifestation to become a design feature
  • Our designers can produce bespoke glass manifestations to reflect the style, nature and purpose of your building
  • Our installation teams are highly experienced in the accurate application of even the most complex glass manifestations
  • A prominent and eye-catching bespoke handle can provide a stylish alternative to a glass manifestation on a door. Our technicians will advise on suitable designs.
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