Heritage Glass Structures


Glass structures can be fixed to the side of an existing building, creating a glass extension with minimal impact on the original architecture.

A structural glass porch or entrance can make a functional and contemporary addition to a building, regardless of age or heritage.

Ion Glass can also build fully engineered free-standing glass structures for a variety of uses:

  • Include bespoke glass doors
  • Single or double glazed – single glazing is suitable for full weather resistance; double glazing will allow the glass structure to become an integral and fully compliant area of the building
  • Wood or metal can be included as part of the structure if required
  • Structural glass fins or structural glass beams can be used for a robust yet contemporary result
  • Our glass structures and glass porches can be produced without visible fixings
  • Minimal footings required, the structure can be channel set and silicon sealed
  • Flashing will be fitted to avoid water penetration
  • Suitable for residential or commercial properties
  • The Ion Glass technical team will advise to ensure the finished glass structure is fully compliant and meets all requirements

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Glass Balustrade to Small Steps, Hurstpierpoint College