Heritage Glass Porches


Glass porches create a welcoming entrance, maintaining light and vision whilst minimising draughts and retaining heat.

  • Fully bespoke glass porches, to meet the individual requirements of churches, heritage or listed buildings, also ideal for renovation projects in older properties
  • Glass porches can be installed to fit precisely into arched entrances, replacing or supplementing the original wooden door
  • Create a draught free entrance with improved visual access
  • Build an internal or external glass porch to make a fully enclosed internal lobby or a statement on the outside of the building
  • Incorporate structural glass beams and fins for a minimal result with little or no intrusive metalwork
  • Include wholly frameless glass doors, or glass doors with minimal fixtures, including bespoke fixtures if required
  • Your glass porch can be fitted with hinged or pivot glass doors – manual or with automatic opening mechanisms
  • Your doors can be designed with minimal hydraulic closers concealed in traditional floor boxes or as overhead transom closers
  • The doors in your glass porch can be fitted with locks and alarms for maximum security
  • Clear float glass, low iron glass, coloured glass or decorative glass finishes including a pattern, logo or use of applied glass manifestations
  • Full compliance with building, conservation and architectural preservation requirements

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