Glass Doors

Glass doors, either wholly frameless or with minimal fixtures, provide a versatile and stylish result in a wide scope of heritage, listed or ecclesiastical buildings as well as renovation projects in older properties.  Glass doors maintain light and space, allowing visual access to welcome visitors or customers.

Our bespoke glass doors are suitable for internal or external use with individually specified fittings, handles, hinges and opening and closing mechanisms. Each Ion Glass door is manufactured and installed to meet individual requirements.  All our glass doors are fully compliant and can be fitted with locks and alarms as required with the option of manual, automatic or semi-automatic opening and closing systems.

Glass Door Types

Ion’s bespoke frameless glass doors are the optimum choice for both internal and external locations

Sliding glass doors, fitted with manual or automatic opening mechanisms offer a space-saving solution

For full fire protection our fire-rated glass doors meet all regulations for whilst maintaining full visibility

Where security is important, all Ion Glass doors can be fitted with locks and alarms

All Ion Glass doors are available in a choice of glass finishes with your choice of door furnishings