Glass Types

Ion Glass provides a comprehensive range of architectural and structural glass.

Clear Float Glass: This is the standard glass which is clear to look at, however it has a very slight green tint which is the naturally occurring iron content within the glass.

Low Iron Glass: The iron content is removed from the glass during manufacture to create a crystal clear glass without any green tint.

Toughened Glass: Ion toughened glass provides projects with strong, quality architectural glass, for use with most products, including glass balustrades, glass screens, frameless glass shower and bath screens, glass partitions, glass worktops, glass wall cladding and other structural glass installations.

Laminated Glass: Ion laminated toughened glass is widely used for glass flooring, stair treads, glass balustrades and structural glass. Coloured, patterned and branded artwork can be inserted to provide decorative interlayers.

Sandblasted Glass: Ion sandblasted glass provides projects with opaque frosted glass effects for privacy screening, extremely useful for glass doors, frameless glass shower screens and partitioning. Sandblasting also provides a textured glass surface, useful for glass flooring and stair treads in particular.

Tinted Glass: Ion tinted glass creates subtle colour and obscurity. Choose from grey, bronze, blue or green translucent glass. Tinted glass can be used successfully on all our products, including glass balustrades, frameless glass shower screens and frameless doors.

Backpainted glass provides decorative opaque coloured glass suitable for coloured glass wall cladding and decorative glass finishes. Colour match to any RAL or Dulux reference.

Screen printed glass from your own bespoke artwork with images or branding

PermaClean: Ion can apply PermaClean, our anti-grime treatment to shower screens, bath screens and flooring to ensure minimal cleaning and durability

Glass thickness: the thickness of glass required to comply with current regulations varies depending on a number of installation specific factors. Our qualified technicians will advise on the specification of glass required for your project to ensure it is compliant.

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