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At Ion Glass we pride ourselves on stretching the technical boundaries of glass.

Many of the projects we undertake are complex and technically demanding – we relish the opportunity to take on a new challenge.   Ion Glass has an excellent reputation for successfully achieving difficult installations:  many projects others consider ‘tricky’ we consider ‘standard’!

Why choose Ion for your special project?

We have an excellent track record in non-standard structural glass installations.

The curved glass creating a double-layer balustrade on the spiral staircase at Tate Britain for example. Or the use of structural glass fins and glass beams to achieve the entirely frameless results we have replicated in many very different installations. We have developed unique systems of bolts for sleek results in frameless glass balustrades and created frames and brackets in our own workshops to meet the specific (and unusual) requirements of our clients. And sometimes it’s the smaller projects that create the bigger challenges, such as the vibration-resistant glass shelving or a curved door in an unusual space.

  • Our structural glass estimators, surveyors and CAD technicians have many years of experience and skills to interpret your vision.
  • Our fully employed and experienced installers are competent in fitting glass to even the most challenging projects.
  • Ion have qualified for prestigious construction industry accreditations including ISO 9000, SSIP and CHAS.
  • Each Ion Glass installation is fully compliant and we will advise you to ensure that all work undertaken meets all regulations.
  • Our personal approach means there is always someone available who is familiar with your project.

Special parameters for special projects

Special projects need special parameters and in some circumstances will require ‘non-standard’ terms and conditions to be agreed by both parties. If we consider yours to be a ‘special’ project we’ll let you know from the outset.

We might need to retain some level of flexibility with regard to pricing.

Whilst our usual policy is to provide a precise and detailed price for every job , if there are aspects of the work for which no precedent has been set we reserve the right to adjust the cost accordingly. These might occur during the course of the project – you will be kept fully appraised of any changes.

The installation might take longer

If your project is a completely new concept we might also need to retain a level of flexibility with regard to delivery and installation.  Again, we will discuss this with you but we cannot be restrained by penalty clauses with regard to final dates.

There may be a charge for preparing the drawings and initial specification

This will be agreed in advance. We will retain copyright of the drawings, which will only be produced on the basis that Ion Glass will subsequently be commissioned to undertake the work

Project specific T&C’s will be produced and agreed before you commission the work.

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