Hounslow Heath Infant and Nursery School

Fire-rated glass pivot doors & glass screens


Hounslow Heath Infant and Nursery School, Hounslow. Ion Glass working in collaboration with Cuffe plc and architect Peter Williams of PWA.


Fire-rated glass pivot doors; fire-rated glass screens with brushed stainless steel frames


Hounslow Heath Infant and Nursery School is a multi-cultural, multi-faith school providing a caring environment for children from nursery age to Year 2. The open corridors need to provide full visibility and easy movement for children and teachers around the school, whilst at the same time meeting all current regulations to fully protect the children in the event of a fire. New glass fire-rated doors were installed, linked to the fire alarm system for fully automated closure in the event of a fire.

Technical Information

Two fire rated glass screens were set into brushed stainless steel frames across the full height and width of the corridor, each with an arched over panel fitted into the arch of the ceiling, glass side panels and a pair of fire-rated glass pivot doors.

A third glass screen (also fitted with fire-rated glass pivot doors) features a rectangular over panel to accommodate the high ceiling of the reception area and framed glass side panels to provide full visibility, optimum light flow and maximum security.

The fire rated glass doors are held open for easy flow of pupils and teachers but are linked to the fire alarm system which triggers the automatic closing mechanism in the event of a fire. Handles on the glass doors are set low so that they are accessible to the children.

All glass panels and the glass doors were supplied in 60/60 fire-rated glass which provides 60 minutes integrity and insulation in the event of a fire – sufficient time to protect the children and evacuate the school.

  • To avoid disruption to school life a tight time frame had to be adhered to for installation with work taking place over half term and weekends. The new glass fire doors and glass screens provide a reassuring level of security for the children in the event of a fire whilst ensuring that the school retains a welcoming and open atmosphere with good visibility throughout the communal areas.

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