Lancing College

Bespoke Double Arched glass doors


Frameless glass doors provided to Lancing College in West Sussex.


A pair of internal arched double glass doors installed into an existing timber frame and two pairs of secure double glass doors set into glass screens within two stone arches.


Lancing College is an independent co-ed boarding and day school, part of the Woodard Group. It has an impressive hilltop location with stunning views towards the south coast.

The exposed location makes the building very susceptible to wind and weather: the introduction of glass doors to the reception area and entrance serves to eliminate draughts and greatly improve heat retention.

Replacing an existing arched timber door with a modern glass door opened up the space into what is now a communal dining room, providing much more welcoming visual access.

The reception has become significantly more user-friendly, with an attractive, contemporary feel to welcome visitors and students to the school.

Technical Information

Each set of glass doors was made in 12mm clear toughened glass with brushed stainless steel ironmongery and fitted with bespoke oak handles. A glass manifestation of the school crest was applied to every door for a cohesive result across all three installations. All the glass doors were installed with locking bottom door rails, heavy duty hydraulic closers and a hold open function at 90 degrees to facilitate an easy flow of people during busy periods. Draught proof weatherseals were fitted for optimum heat retention.

Templates were created for all three sets of glass doors to ensure the best possible result, including templating the arched glass overpanels and glass side panels.

There was an existing timber frame in the arch to the dining room and this was retained, replacing the previous timber doors with frameless arched glass doors opening in one direction only.

The other two sets of glass doors are both set between narrow fixed glass side panels, each with an arched glass overpanel to fit the stone arches. The glass transom was secured to the arch with point fixings coupled to stainless steel plates. All the interfaces between glass and stone were sealed with clear silicone. These frameless glass doors were assembled to open in both directions, with pinch free operation appropriate for this high traffic area.

  • The new installation has created a light, airy feel to this very open reception area, whilst improving heat retention and security.

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