St Mary’s Church

Structural Glass Screens, Frameless Glass Doors


Significant improvements in structural glass to the church of St Mary’s in East Molesey, including remodelling of the chancel to create a more flexible space for smaller services and groups, an improved and more functional vestry and new frameless glass doors to the church entrance.

Ion Glass provided all bespoke structural glass; project commissioned direct by St Mary’s Church.


Bespoke infill panels to the existing oak rood screen with a structural glass screen across to the high arch above; a structural glass screen with double glass doors to the arch between the vestry and the chancel; a new glass entrance door to the vestry and bespoke double glass entrance doors to the church.


St Mary’s is a vibrant church in the heart of East Molesey.  In addition to a choice of Sunday services with children’s groups for different ages the church hosts many mid week groups including multi-generational café mornings with toys and soft play for children, craft sessions, care groups and Alpha courses.

Remodelling the church by separating the chancel from the nave with the introduction of structural glass has transformed the space to one which remains part of the church whilst providing an area for smaller services and meetings.  The original rood screen has been completely retained, but the addition of glass infill panels set into the wood, a high arched screen above and bespoke double glass doors separates the space with minimal visual impact and full retention of light from the lovely stained glass windows.

The vestry connects directly to the chancel via a second arched glass screen with double glass doors.  Improved lighting and the addition of an external glass door to replace the original timber door has transformed this to a light, airy and user-friendly space.

New secure frameless glass doors to the church entrance with individual and bespoke glass manifestations replaces the original timber doors, creating a welcoming entrance allowing visitors a clear view of the interior.

Technical Information

Ten individual glass panels were measured and manufactured to fit into the openings in the existing oak rood screen with a pair of secure glass double doors in the centre.  An etched glass manifestation in the form of a cross was applied to both doors.  The arch above the rood screen is nearly 5m wide and more than 3m high: it was fitted with three glass panels secured between angle sections at the base and glazing channels set into the stone arch above, creating a fully frameless result.  The arched glass was supplied in 16.8 clear laminated float safety glass to meet structural requirements.   Accurate measurements and precise design ensures it fits perfectly in the space.

The arched glass screen into the vestry features a glass transom panel manufactured to exactly follow the line of the arch set above frameless glass pivot double doors and two fixed side panels. A frameless result was achieved using a purpose made glazing channel set into the arch for minimal visual intrusion.

A new external glass door was installed to the vestry, bespoke manufactured to fit the shape of the door in 12mm thick float glass with a glass manifestation in the form of a cross.

The bespoke glass entrance doors at the front of the church are fully frameless,  precisely designed and manufactured in 12mm float glass to suit the shaped nature of the stone at the top corners of each door.  Fully secure, the double glass doors are side hung on self-closing hinges featuring an adjustable closing speed and the option to hold the doors open; the glass manifestation, prepared and designed by Ion Glass, features the words ‘St Mary’s East Molesey’.

Installation logistics were fully managed by Ion Glass, using their experienced onsite team.

  • The high, wide arch across the width of St Mary’s made this a challenging project to design and install in frameless glass.  The church is delighted with the result, which not only looks impressive but fully meets the needs of this vibrant and active community. "We are delighted with the transformation – thank you for everything that you have done here at St Mary’s. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to other churches. It not only looks impressive but fully meets the needs of this vibrant and active community" – Mick Rock, Churchwarden St Mary’s Church, East Molesey.

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