Curved Glass Balustrades


Ion Glass curved glass balustrades systems are a beautiful and stylish addition to any project and can be specified for a wide range of situations in commercial or residential properties.

Can be specified for a wide range of church or heritage installations:

  • Internal or external glass balustrades
  • Use for staircases, balconies and around voids – or any situation where there is a change in level and a barrier is required
  • Curved glass balustrades can be supplied with or without a handrail – the use of handrail will affect the glass specification
  • Contemporary spiral staircases
  • Ion technicians will discuss and advise if a complex radius is required
  • Wholly frameless structural finish or choose a system that involves posts and visible fixings

Wide range of fixing methods:

  • Bolted
  • Channel set
  • Clamping system
  • Post and rail
  • Post and clamp
  • Resin set

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