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A high profile firm of solicitors recently linked two substantial buildings with a structural glass rooflight to create a greatly expanded office environment for their London headquarters. The additional space allowed more flexible use of the reception area, which now serves both of the original buildings.

A meeting room directly off the reception area offers easy access for visitors but with no natural light the room had the potential to be quite dark. A glass partition was recommended to improve the light levels but in order to maximise use of the new meeting room it also needed to offer privacy to the occupants when appropriate.

Ion Glass installed a glass wall consisting of three panels of switchable glass offering the option for the glass partition to be clear or fully opaque. The result not only provides as much natural light as possible but allows visual access to the room when appropriate and full privacy for the occupants when required.

The glass panels are clear when not in use but at the flick of a switch it converts to a wholly opaque glass partition, fully obscured in both directions.

Switchable privacy glass provides the ideal solution in a wide variety of corporate situations but you can also specify switchable glass for projects in a wide scope of retail, leisure and domestic environments.

Ion Glass will be happy to provide technical and design advice with regard to optimum use of switchable privacy glass.

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