Fitting glass around corbels



Digital measuring techniques for flawless results

Custom glass in unique heritage buildings

Sometimes it can be difficult to visual just how much difference structural glass will actually make to a project. These ‘before and after’ images of recent projects in bespoke structural glass might inspire your designs.

Perfect glass in unique environments

Hand carved stone corbels, pillars and intricate brickwork add significantly to the beauty of heritage architecture.  It’s important to ensure your contemporary structural glass installation fits closely to the original structure, avoiding ugly gaps and creating a streamlined juxtaposition between old and new.

Ion’s wholly accurate digital measuring techniques achieve flawless results every time.

Bespoke Glass Screens at St Dionis

Holy Trinity Church, Wantage

Exemplary results

It’s not just corbels that require accurate measurements and complex glass manufacture:

This beautiful barn conversion involves curved glass accurately measured and manufactured to fit around two curved staircases, accommodating the original oak beams. The result is a stunning testament to design and installation.

The expert team at Ion Glass will provide technical advice, measurements and drawings to ensure your glass fits perfectly every time – in heritage, ecclesiastical, residential or commercial buildings.

Our architectural glass installation team is the best in the business

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External glass doors to glass porch at Holy Trinity ChurchFrameless Glass Porch to Barn Conversion