Heritage Bolted Glass Balustrades


The bolted glass balustrade system offers a versatile and stylish structural glass installation.

Ideal in churches and heritage buildings. This system can be used for balconies, suspended galleries or mezzanine floors or as a balustrade on a staircase.

  • Glass balustrade panels are fixed directly into timber, stone or metal substrate with stainless steel bolts
  • A single or double row of bolts can be used to fix the glass balustrade
  • Ion Glass will advise on the exact type of bolts, size and spacing required to meet current regulations
  • The length of stand-off can be specified depending on structural and aesthetic considerations
  • Equally suitable for use with or without a handrail – this design consideration will impact on the specification of the glass.
  • Curved or straight glass, including spiral staircases
  • Internal and external installations
  • Each bolted glass balustrade installation is wholly bespoke
  • Suitable for use in ecclesiastical and heritage buildings
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