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Ion developed techniques for printing detailed images on to glass installations for unique results for structural glass, glass walls and glass doors

Whilst timber doors can look impressive they restrict the flow of natural light into a building. Many Ion Glass clients have installed frameless glass doors in older or heritage buildings to either replace the original timber doors; supplement them by creating a structural glass lobby or install secondary inner glass doors.

Consider the benefit of replacing traditional doors with frameless glass doors:

  • Improved flow of natural light
  • Allow visitors to see the interior of the building
  • Glass doors open up views of the exterior from within the building
  • Create an entrance that retains heat and avoids draughts
  • Inner glass doors can be closed for security and heat retention whilst still allowing light flow and improved visibility.
  • Acoustic glass doors restrict noise and provide privacy
  • Contemporary hinges allow easier opening and self-closing options
  • Fire-rated glass doors retain visibility whilst meeting safety requirements
  • Glass doors can be fitted to meet appropriate security requirements

For example:

Ion Glass installed frameless glass doors at the entrance to Oak Hall, the listed manor house at the heart of Wispers Retirement Village. The original double set of timber doors restricted both light and views. Replacing the inner doors with a contemporary set of bespoke frameless glass doors opened up a glorious view of the gardens and creates a welcoming light and airy feel to the reception area.

At Holy Trinity Church at Sloane Square in the heart of fashionable Chelsea the addition of a structural glass entrance lobby with a double set of bespoke glass doors allows visitors to see the magnificent nave whilst at the same time introducing more light and excluding the exterior traffic noise and fumes, creating a quiet space within the church.

Inner glass doors installed at St Nicholas Church at Great Bookham served to avoid draughts and retain heat without impacting on the structure of the church.

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