Increase the size of a modest glass balcony



A Sussex home owner had built a tiny balcony with external glass balustrades to enhance the views from their second floor bedroom.

Measuring a modest 2m x 70cms it was only just possible to open the double doors onto the space.

How to make it bigger?

Ion Glass created a cantilevered channel frame in stainless steel that projects beyond the floor area of the balcony, creating an additional 100mm of space. The glass balustrade sits in the channel, finished with a bespoke stainless steel handrail.

Created in clear 19mm toughened low iron glass, heat soak tested to guarantee the integrity of the glass against nickel inclusion, this contemporary glass balustrade provides a stylish addition to the house allowing maximum light to flow into the bedroom with minimal fixings to impede the view of the garden.

The additional space created with the bespoke channel frame allows easier access to the balcony and more space to enjoy the view.

The owners commented: ‘We’re delighted with the clever design and style of our new external glass balustrade, it’s surprising just how much bigger the balcony feels with just 100mm of additional space. We were also very impressed by the fitting team, who were very efficient and did a superb job.’

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