Make a design statement on structural glass



In public environments a glass manifestation is quite simply a legal requirement to avoid people walking into your glass door, glass screen or glass balustrade and injuring themselves.

Building regulations state that they should be applied in critical locations for maximum visibility and the most common and effective method is to use a frosted film applied to the glass.

The glass manifestation provides an opportunity for creativity or to embellish your structural glass in keeping with the design of the building or the nature of your business – but in many situations something more special, distinct or meaningful is required.

The leisure complex built for a prestigious residential property made maximum use of structural glass with glass doors, curved fixed internal glass windows and internal glass walls. However, the client wished to incorporate a unique visual statement and looked to Ion Glass for suggestions.

Various images of Buddha were sourced to find an appropriate design. Once the image had been selected and drawings had been approved the design was digitally screen printed onto the appropriate glass panel and fired for a permanent result.

A spokesman for the technical team at Ion Glass commented: ‘This is a colour print in ceramic ink which allows the full spectrum of colours, making it possible to reproduce almost any image on structural glass. After printing the ink is fired into the glass during the tempering process for a permanent result. Printing can be effected up to a maximum size of 2.8m x 3.7m on curved glass as well as flat glass panels for use in both internal and external locations. Bigger images can be created if required by printing a series of glass panels.

The results are impressive, allowing plenty of freedom to exercise your design flair!’

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