Shower or sunshine – a glass roof light is the ideal solution



A stylish and easy to maintain bespoke glass enclosure

Clients in Sussex had converted a bedroom into a luxurious bathroom with a number of unique design features provided by Ion Glass. The room benefits from a bespoke glass vanity unit, coloured glass wall and surface finishes, a structural glass surround around the bath and a magnificent over-sized frameless glass shower enclosure set into what was previously a dormer.

The previous dormer windows were walled up and completely covered with glass wall cladding in a deep lustrous blue installed on the shower walls, resulting in a stylish and easy to maintain bespoke glass enclosure.

The clients wanted to maximise the natural light into the bathroom and Ion recommended the unusual option of a custom glass rooflight above the shower enclosure.

A frame was created in powder coated aluminium, thermally broken for maximum resistance to temperature changes. The frame sits around the outside edge of the dormer, allowing the glass rooflight to extend slightly beyond the dimension of the internal space so there are no visible fixings to impact on an unimpeded view of the sky.

The rooflight itself is double-glazed with 10mm toughened glass on the outside, specified to resist impact in the event of a loose tile sliding off the roof above. Separated by an argon gas filled space, constructed with a warm edge spacer bar, the inner glass is a 13.5mm toughened laminated panel with a low E coating for optimum thermal performance. This bespoke double-glazed unit has a low U-value of 1.1 W/m2K, which assists with the heat-loss requirements for this space.

The result is an unusual, extra large glass shower enclosure with a glass rooflight that gives a wholly frameless appearance from the inside providing maximum natural light during the day and a wonderful view of the night sky after dark.

Client response? ‘We absolutely love the use of glass in our bathroom! Ion Glass gave us excellent design and technical advice to make best use of the space to create a large bespoke glass shower enclosure. We simply wouldn’t have thought of installing a glass roof light but the result is superb!’

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