Switchable glass


Switchable glass becomes fully opaque, providing full privacy at the touch of a button

Installing bespoke switchable glass offers the option of full transparency, improving light flow and offering full visibility or complete opacity for privacy when appropriate.

  • Switchable glass is ideal for creating meeting rooms providing privacy when required
  • Bespoke switchable glass screens can be made in single panels or multiple panels, depending on the size of the installation
  • Fit switchable internal or external glass doors to provide the choice of fully opaque or clear glass
  • Switchable glass doors are fully bespoke and can be designed to accommodate unusual shapes and sizes or to fit arched openings
  • Specify single or double switchable glass doors, hinged or pivot as required
  • Automatic closing systems can be fitted to switchable glass doors
  • Switchable glass doors can be fully secure, providing the option of full visibility or complete privacy
  • Our accurate computer aided measuring techniques ensure your switchable glass will fit closely around corbels, hand carved wood or uneven surfaces
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Custom glass manifestation to St Marys Kippington church