Use bespoke mirrors to create light and space



Ion Glass offer a fully individual custom mirror solution.

It’s possible to include mirrors in your design brief without commissioning a fully bespoke mirror option – but – if your requirement is for a mirror that doesn’t fit within standard parameters and can’t be bought ‘off the shelf’, Ion Glass offer a fully individual custom mirror solution.

Our custom-made mirrors include large glass mirrors; unusual shaped mirrors; mirrors produced in a special finish or can include mirrors with studio handrails or with cut outs for sockets.

Typically the owners of a residential property in Sussex had commissioned a bathroom making extensive use of structural glass – it includes a bespoke frameless shower enclosure; a suspended bespoke glass vanity unit, a structural glass bath plinth and a structural glass rooflight. They wanted to complete the room with a bespoke mirror to reflect the light and style of the installation.

Ion Glass suggested an individual mirror cut to a non-standard isometric hexagon shape and with two cutouts for shaver sockets. The stylish mirror was lit from above with two contemporary lights, one for each sink and set into the tiles for a seamless finish.

For other projects where Ion Glass have provided the ideal bespoke mirror solution, click here.

Please note, our custom-made mirrors are only available as part of a larger project or with a minimum order value 20m2

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