Use structural glass to link old buildings with a new extension



A glass linkway creates a functional, modern result that works with ancient architecture – both structurally and aesthetically.

In many situations heritage buildings or older properties simply don’t have the space or the facilities required to meet contemporary needs. Adding an extension to an existing construction can raise interesting challenges, especially when the original building dates back hundreds of years.

Consideration has to be given not just to the aesthetics of the new addition but also to the physical interface between modern building technology and the centuries old techniques employed by the original builders.

A spokesman for English Heritage pointed out: ‘Older buildings behave quite differently. They are likely to have more shallow foundations, be more flexible and breathable. If you build one directly against the other there will be a difference in movement.’

A defined glass linkway between the two creates an aesthetic division and also provide a physical buffer between the harder more inflexible modern addition and the often less rigorous construction of the heritage property.

Ion Glass have worked closely with architects and builders on numerous heritage and ecclesiastical projects where the properties of structural glass as have played a key role in designs to modernise, improve or extend the building.

As Ion Glass MD Peter Hazeldean points out, ‘Glass has been incorporated into buildings for centuries and the contemporary use of structural glass to create a glass link between old buildings and a modern extension or to open up and link spaces internally with structural glass can achieve the best possible result.

It’s not just about arriving at an attractive design and meeting the technical specifications for the project, any glass installation in a heritage building has to meet the requirements of many interested bodies and organisations. We need to be aware not just of modern building and glazing specifications but also work sensitively alongside conservation officers, English Heritage and bodies such as the Victorian Society.’

A glass linkway creates a functional, modern result that works with ancient architecture – both structurally and aesthetically.

For more information about glass linkways and case studies of glass link way installations by Ion Glass, click here.

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