Why bolt your glass balustrade?



Whilst there are many different ways of fixing your glass balustrade into position there are some very sound reasons why we so often recommend using bolts.

Why? And what do you need to know about specifying bolts for your glass balustrade? Our Ion Glass technical expert shares some hints and tips about using bolts on a glass balustrade:

Firstly – and importantly – they look good. Or as we prefer to say ‘aesthetically pleasing’. In most instances a bolted fixing system can be used as an alternative to a channel set glass balustrade or clamped fixings. Whether you’re installing an internal glass balustrade or an external glass balustrade a bolted fixing method generally meets all criteria.

Depending on the type of glass and the location we offer the option of a single or a double row of bolts for your glass balustrade. If you’re doubling up, you can choose smaller bolts (40 or 50mm) for single bolts we would generally recommend 80mm bolts.

The bolts need to be anchored to a solid load-bearing substrate but this can be anything from a concrete floor slab to brick, metal or wood, making a bolted glass balustrade equally suitable for an internal staircase or an external balcony. And whilst it’s a benefit if the substrate has a finished surface that is clearly visible through the glass – if this isn’t possible we can create an opaque strip of sand-blasted glass or apply an opaque film to hid the substrate.

Adding a handrail to your bolted glass balustrade is an option. Keeping your glass balustrade sleek, clean and simple without a handrail will require thicker, toughened or laminated glass. Specifying a handrail is simply a cost/aesthetic consideration – will your glass balustrade look better with a handrail? Will the extra cost of the handrail be less than the cost of increasing the specification of the glass?

If you’re installing a curved glass balustrade manufacturing bespoke curved channels for your glass can add to the cost – using a bolted fixing method can be a more cost effective option. If you’re planning a curved balustrade talk to us to discuss the best options.

We’re happy to advise on any of your bolted glass balustrade queries!

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