Glass for living
Experience the pleasure of living with glass throughout your home...internal or external, create living spaces that love the light
Glass for light
Choose glass and allow light to flow into your home, maximising your views and minimising the impact on your space
Glass for style
Make a clear and uncompromising style statement with structural glass in your home
Glass for function
Structural glass is a beautiful addition to your home - but beauty alone is not enough. Glass is functional, improving your living environment and enhancing your life


Our bespoke structural glass solutions are accurately designed, precisely made and installed by experienced technicians to meet even the most complex and challenging briefs. 

We’ll take your project from concept to completion including a full design, technical and structural service, CAD drawings, glass manufacture, bespoke hardware, managing logistics and final installation. Engage with all or some of our services to meet your specific requirements. 

We work closely with homeowners, architects, designers and builders – providing consistent, perfect results in structural glass. 

Discover the scope of our work. All images on our website are of Ion Glass projects 

Are you looking for an exceptional structural glass project?

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